New York – Toronto – Paris

Yesterday, I was told that in two days I have to be in Toronto for training. This time I’m a student and it’s a new hot software that I’ll be using in my next project. I never say no to learning, so I’ve booked the flight and the hotel. Hilton is going wild: they almost double the price if you do not book in advance. Fine, I’ll stay in Sheraton.I got the cab by the Rockefeller Center in NYC pretty fast. It’s been driven by an Arab driver, and he kept talking on the phone…Non stop. I did not understand a thing, which is good. Or bad? I’ve heard that when you take a cab in London you can ask the driver, “Who’s in town?… “. The flight was from Newark airport, so we had to take the tunnel. At the airport, th edriver said that he did not take creadit cards and there’s a $15 surcharge just for leaving the city. No problem, but no tips.

Continental is much better than Delta. When you fly Delta, everything feels so cheap. They promised bankruptcy last year, but it did not happen yet. Just keep the promise, guys! Continental is better. Easy computerized check in (if you do not check in the luggage).In Toronto airport the custom officer was asking too many questions. Most likely it happened because I wrote “Business” as a purpose of my visit. “I came here for training”. “What kind of training?”“Computer training” “What kind of computer training?”Ok, Ok, he’s bored…Another cab…This driver was wearing a turban and was listening to the radio in some unknown language, but the car was clean and comfy. I was sleeping.“Do you take credit cards?” “Yes, if you do not have cash”“This is better! Sure I do not have cash.”I left my bag in the room and went downstairs for dinner. The restaurant was surprisingly good for a business-oriented hotel chain. No, they did not have the Leffe beer that I usually drink, but Stella Artois was also fine. I’m planning to go to Paris in two weeks, and this is THE place to be. Food and drinks are superb at any restaurant there. Unfortunately, France is burning for the last thirteen days. They’ve asked for it. I did not realize before that this country is so weak. It’s so easy to blame America for invading Iraq… It did not help them, but now they do not know what to do… They are still waiting for something, as if they do not know that these people understand only the brutal force. They’ll get it … 5000 burned cars later. But their food is still the best in the world!

If French won’t stop these animals who came to their country and fck them right there in their own home, in five years the most popular dish in Paris will be falafel. FYI, the animals are not the teenagers setting cars on fire, but the people who give them the bottles with the Molotov cocktail and explain them how to pick the cars to be burned. Yes, shit like this can happen in America too, and some people tried to break the law in New Orleans after Katrina recently. But police got the order: ”Shoot”. It helped.

Anyway, I like France and wish this country only the best. Good night! Tomorrow is the first day of training…

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