How to use Facebook

During the last year or so, Facebook is censoring its users. For example, before the US presidential elections, they blocked a respected newspaper New York Post for publishing the info about the Hunter Biden investigation. Now that the elections are over, his father is a president, you can write about Hunter again

Another example: Facebook was blocking posts suggesting that COVID-19 might have been leaked from the Wuhan lab. Now, when Dr Fauci is being fried for trying to conceal certain information about the gain of function experiments, Facebook allows you to write posts about the possible lab leak. By the way, have you seen any apologies from Mr. Zuckerberg for blocking lots of users for this? Me neither.

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s mission is “Bringing the world together“.  In the same video, he states that Facebook wants to change the “social fabric of the world”. How? I guess, according to the vision of Mr. Zuckerberg. 

He also stated that in a number of countries Facebook is already in the top 10% of all brands.  In some – in the top three. Facebook becomes a superpower.

Add to this Facebook’s push to group people around the world based on what Mr. Zuckerberg believes is right. They call such groups communities. If initially, Facebook was simply allowing to bring together family members and friends, now Facebook will help you to join “supportive communities that share value and help you grow…which is important in helping to rebuild the social fabric in our country and around the world” .

Keep watching the video and you’ll learn that we often discuss what a government can or can not do, but the real power should belong to healthy communities. What’s healthy? Mr. Zuckerberg will let you know. Just you wait. 

If everything goes as planned, the majority of the users will obediently click on Facebook’s recommendations and join the “healthy communities” with the “right values”. The “unhealthy communities” won’t pop up in recommendations, so the majority of Facebook users (read the majority of the world population) won’t even know they exist.

Does it mean that I suggest to stop using Facebook?  Not at all!  This is a well-designed platform where you communicate with people you like, play games, and buy things. What’s important is that you should absolutely ignore all Facebook recommendations regarding joining communities. I’m not against communities but join a community if it’s recommended by a real friend (not a Facebook one) or you just feel a need to be a part of a certain group of people.  

Also, don’t trust any social or political recommendations by Facebook (regardless of your political views), whose goals are never the same as yours. As Mr. Zuckerberg cynically put it, “That may be good for the world, but it’s not good for us”.


2 thoughts on “How to use Facebook

  1. I have used your Adobe Flex library on a few projects and Flex remains my favorite platform.

    You’re absolutely right about big tech. If you talk against established media they will ban you for no reason. It is like a never ending witch hunt. End of the day use your common-sense and don’t trust everything thrown at you (even million dollar to get some kind of shots in your arm).

    Keep writing, don’t stop.

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