When .Net loves .java

Two New Jersey residents, Don Demsak (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) and myself (Java Champion) are planning a fun event: joined code camp. This is how we see it.

Place: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Date: First weekend of June 2006, Jersey City, NJ

Fee to attend: none

Speaker’s honorariums: see above

Number of attendees: from two to three hundreds (50% of Java and 50% of .Net developers). We’ll reserve a dozen of seats for guests from others states/countries.

Presenters: We’ll have a mix of well-known and not-known-just-yet speakers.

Call for papers: If you “d like to present on Java, .Net or any other technology that bridges these two, please send us an abstract, short BIO and your contact information.

Presentations: While there will be some pure Java or .Net talks, at least 50% of the presentations should be interesting for both camps. For example, such talks as multi-threading or messaging will be delivered by two presenters (during the same talk) showing both Java and .Net versions.

Warning: Attendees making statements like “Java sucks ” or “.Net is POJ ” will be kicked out from this event and their parents will get a written notice of misbehavior by mail.

After the event: We “ll hit the bars located in the area (you must be over 21). Disclaimer: drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause physical and mental birth defects.

Registration: Details will be announced in March 2006. Stay tuned.


Yakov “s blog: yakovfain.javadevelopersjournal.com

Don “s blog: donxml.com

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