Jobs least likely to be outsourced

Information Week published a pretty boring list of jobs that are least likely to be offshored. Here’s my list.

Top 10 professions that will not be outsourced any time soon:

A plumber

When you can “t flush the toilet, someone has to come in and roll-up the sleeves

Motor-vehicle drivers

This includes truck/bus/cab drivers, plane pilots and train machinists

Dental technicians are excluded. I know a lab in New York that sends teeth molds to and gets back the crowns in a week.

Phone sex does not count
Restaurant waiters

Until some serious breakthrough when NASA will mass produce food in tubes and pills, someone has to put a plate on your table.
The President of the USA

Actually, this job is safe only until India did not include it in their laundry list
Construction workers
Police Officers
Computer programmers who know what recursion and bubble sort are. Bangalore vocational schools do not cover these topics. They just do not have the time

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