How much money Java programmers make?

It “s the 21st century and Java programmers are freely migrating around the world trying to find the best place to live and work for their families. Traditionally, the USA has been the desirable place for people of our trade. It “s an open society were professional programmers enjoy high standards of living, can afford decent houses, cars, education for their kids and travel around the world during their (rather short) vacations.

While many non-US based ambitious Java programmers know that there is a place on Earth with good living standards that is willing to accept foreign professionals, what about people who are already live and work in the USA? Which countries can they consider as a place for temporary relocation?

So my question is what “s the situation in your country? Does it provide a temporary working visa for foreigners? Is it easy for a Java professional to find a job in your country? Now let “s talk money.

To bring everyone on the same page, let “s take Joe, who works with Java during the last 5 years, he rents a 3-room apartment with his wife and a 8-year old son in a big city, in a safe neighborhood with free public schools.

Country: USA

Monthly net income (after paying taxes): $4500

Monthly expenses:

Housing payments (rent and utilities): $2000

Family medical insurance: $350

Car rental and insurance (Toyota Camry) $400

Food: $800

What if Joe decides to spend three years in your country? Is there a need for Java programmers where you live? What would be the numbers?


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