The next Princeton JUG meeting

The next Princeton JUG meeting will take place on

April 25. The topic: Developing Web Services with Eclipse and WTP.

This session is a live demo of development of the Web Services using

Eclipse and Web Tools Project.

You’ll learn the basics of what Web Services are, what are the

current standards, the role of the Eclipse software foundation and

Web Tools project. You’ll see how easy it is to build a bottom-up and

top-down web service with the help of WPT.

Presenter: Boris Minkin.

Boris is a Divisional Vice President of a major financial corporation.

He has more than 12 years of experience working in various areas of

information technology and financial services. His professional

interests are in the Internet technology, service-oriented

architecture, enterprise application architecture, multi-platform

distributedapplications, and relational database design.

He published several articles on bringing together


Also, free copies of JDJ magazine, book and T-Shirts raffle. Do not be late.

Pizza chewing ends at 7PM.

You can join the mailing list of the Princeton JUG at


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