IT is back in business

As per Information Week’s survey, more Americans are employed in IT than at any time in the nation’s history. And Java job market is as good as it gets!

I’m a member of New York’s IT population, and being a consultant, I always watch the situation on the job market. I and can confirm that what I see here in New York goes in line with this survey. Most importantly, junior Java developers are in big demand. I’m not even talking about people with 2-3 years of experience – they are getting $70K jobs in a snap – but recruiters are after the college graduates looking for jobs. Can the job market get better than this? Nope.

About a year ago I was writing that Sarbanes-Oxley would generate lots of new IT jobs and now the Information Week’s survey confirms this. In general, the job security of any programmer is in better knowledge of business. The days when you can live happily by writing code by someone’s spec are gone. You’d better know how to write this spec yourself!

Dirt-cheap outsourcing does make people work more in America, it harms the morale of the IT shops, but it does not really takes away jobs of Java programmers who are a little better than average and are willing to work hard. Moreover, the USA is planning to increase the quota of work permits to bring more programmers into the country.

And if you want to become a Java programmer yourself and enjoy the piece of of this pie (that does not get smaller), get back to school, work hard, and enjoy your life! By the way, my next convert-into-Java Sunday class starts in June in NYC. If you live in a different geographical area, this article on corporate training may help you in finding the proper way to improve your programming skills.


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