JavaOne notes. JavaOne is on sale at Ebay.

If you like reading bloggers’ coverage of JavaOne, follow these Technorati links: or

Pay attention to the sponsored links at Technorati. I was really surprised to find out that JavaOne went on sale at

the following online retailers/auctions:

Ebay: Looking for Javaone? Find exactly what you want today.

Amazon: Buy Javaone at Gourmet. Save 40-50% on Godiva Chocolates.

The PriceGrabber will be happy to compare the prices and find the best deal for you.

They write : Javaone. Compare instant bottom-line prices. Fast. Free. Easy. You save money.

Try searching for JavaOne at Google or Yahoo, and you’ll find more retailers to shop for JavaOne. Online advertisement still has some room to grow…


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