Job Search and the FTSC indicator

During the job interview a perspective employer evaluates you and visa versa. During this short visit you need to figure out how this employer treats its employees. This is when FTSC can help.

While you may not have a chance to talk to people working for this potential employer, you definitely can visit their toilets. FTSC stands for flushable toilet seat covers. The rest is simple: enter one cabin, and see if the box on the wall has a supply of FTSC. If it “s empty, do not jump into conclusions just yet… Open the door to the next cabin if it’s not locked (sorry for this level of details, but I often write functional specs for programmers). If the box in the second cabin is also empty, it “s a really bad sign. This means that this employer does not really care about their employees. If they save on FTSC, expect long working hours, little bonuses and small salary increases. This does not mean that you should not accept their offer, but this insider “s info can help you in negotiating your base salary and other perks.

Have a good weekend :))

P.S. To make more educated decision, you can also check the soap containers and paper towel dispensers


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