Bill Gates is stepping aside

THE main today’s news is the Bill Gates, the world’s most respectful and famous software engineer, will step aside in two years to work mostly on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

He was the main target for all kind of jokes and hate posts. Most of these writers a hypocrites: during the day they make a living using Microsoft’s products, and in the evening, instead of taking a shower they post their thoughts on why Microsoft is their worst enemy. They will never stop bashing Microsoft.

But there are some interesting articles, of course. This article has a really cool phrase commenting on the fact that Bill will remain a part-time employee and a chairman: “Part time for Bill Gates is full time for anyone else in this industry. ”

You can find some facts on their foundation over here.

And here’s an interesting article (as always) by Joel Spolsky.

Other people have commented on this news over here.

I wish you all the best, Bill!

Java Developer


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