Learn Java programming on the beach!

Try to suggest to your wife/husband to spend a week of your family vacation in a place where you’ll be getting trained in Java. No, your marriage will survive, but only if you do it in a smart way. Have you thought of learning Java in a resort-like setting where beautiful beaches (did I spell it right?), warm water, re-vitalizing spas, and gourmet food are the part of the education?

Two noted Java experts, Dr. Heinz Kabutz, and Kirk Pepperdine have pulled it off! Most importantly, they’ve accommodated the needs of wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends of Java aficionados by arranging the training on the beautiful Crete Island. While you are studying Design Patterns in the beachside hotel’s training room, your spouse is studying design patterns in the closest boutiques or tattoo parlors.

Q/A sessions are conducted right on the beach. And do not forget, the training is delivered not by some unknown instructors that just read the Powerpoint slides from the training manual written by someone else. We are talking about Java Champions, a small group of people that were recognized as such by Sun Microsystems!

Congratulation guys and good luck with your future training. If you’ll need another instructor, let me know and please mail me the brochures of the nearby beauty salons: I need to approach my wife the right way.


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