Beware of the bloggers!

Availability of the broadband/WiFi Internet connectivity and easy to use tools for blogging causes a an interesting side effect that can not be ignored by people speaking at the conferences, seminars, or any smaller-scale professional meetings.

For example, during the last year or so, I have not used paper notepads to take notes while attending presentations at various public events. You say, what the big deal? But me say, me is connected to the internet and me have a blog. Ahaa! This can turn this electronic notebook a dangerous weapon. Speakers at these events are vulnerable. Some of them are intimidated by a large crowd of people, some of them may not be prepared too well for talking on the subject of their presentation. They may say something that either is not exactly right, or it is right but is intended for a smaller than the entire world audience.

While the speaker speaks blinded by the projector(s), the blogger blogs in the darkness of the audience, and his/her comments become available online instantaneously.

I “ve been on the both sides of the fence, and let me tell you, these blogs are not always a pleasant morning read for the speakers. This situation does not need to be changed as it gives the Web surfers around the globe have immediate commented report on the events of their interests. But just to play fair, the speakers have to be warned by a large poster ” Beware, bloggers are in the audience and they type faster than you speak rdquo;. Even if they do not type while you speak, they’ll do this as soon as they find themselves near that device witha little blinking green light. Honey, I’ll have dinner in fifteen minutes, let me just type somthing real quick…

I “m not sure if this is a good analogy, but casinos do not let professional players in without even explaining the reason. Should bloggers be banned from attending some events? I do not think so, but speakers shold think twice before opening your mouth, bloggers are everywhere and they are not on any non-disclosure agreements.


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