The Ukraine is outsourcing its folk music to Harlem

Text blogs or even podcasting are so old-fashioned…Video blogs is the way to go!

If you understand the Ukrainian language, you’ll enjoy this video, which is a bit unusual interpretation of the popular folk song that Ukrainian people sing after 10-15 straight shots of vodka at the parties. This song is about this girl that keeps setting the time and location for the date on the next day, but never shows up. The poor guy goes crazy and sings, “You lied to me again… ”

And here’s just a great blogger-guitarist or guitarist-blogger:

What do you think of these three Japanese guys?

And of course, the classics: Bohemian Rapsody.

The next one is not from youtube, but just a great song: 101 covers of the Stairways to Heaven

I’d appreciate if you could share some other cool video blogs from youtube.


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