Sick devices: USB Paper Shredder and more

When I saw this tiny USB Paper Shredder, I though it’s a joke. It’s not, because it has a price: $32 USD and will be available in a couple of weeks. It’ll help you with “shredding bank receipt, credit card receipt, post-it notes, name card and documents “. I guess this device is intended for people with the late stages of arthritis whose fingers have literally stopped working. But if you can’t even tear a bank receipt or a business card with your hands, would you be able to use this device?

I guess, it’s a human nature: as soon as you see a hole, you have a crave for poking something into it. Since there is a USB port, let’s plug in something there. It’s a good entertaining to browse these USB gadgets. Some of them are really something…

For example, say you had too much whiskey last night, but have to go to work anyway. Or you are a heavy smoker…This bad breath…nothing helps….wait a minute…have you tried this mini USB aromatic diffuser? You boss comes to your cubicle and both of you immerse in this nice aroma of Jennifer Lopez…or Michael Jordan…Make sure you know what smell your boss enjoys the most. To increase the coverage, use this Aroma Digi fan.

Or go and get some coffee in your office pantry room. It tastes like sh*t freshly made. Try to imagine its taste after spending a couple of hours in this beautiful USB Cafe Pad.

Typing while wearing these USB heated gloves should be a pleasant experience too, especially when you’re sitting with your laptop on the back seat of a 4X4 somewhere in Siberia and the car heater broke down.

And now the pinnacle of USB devices…drum roll…Ladies and Gents: USB Massage ball. Just be a little creative with places where you put it while working in the office. I wonder if it makes noise when vibrates as its popular competitor? I’m not sure if your productivity will increase though, but boring office hours will turn into fun… Actually, this device can even save lives. If Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct 2) would have had this massage ball in her car , that poor guy would still be alive…

The JSR-80 is in the works, and hopefully we’ll be able to program these USB devices directly from Java in a couple of years.


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