On casual Fridays and a revolution made by women.

Fifteen years ago the dress code in New York firms was “Business Formal rdquo;. Men were wearing white shirts, suits and ties. Women were always nicely dressed, pantyhose were required even in a hot Summer day. Then they came up with casual Fridays, when you could have dressed in whatever made you comfortable. And now, almost every corporation has casual-dress weekdays. Some women took this casuality to the extreme hellip;

In general, women are a lot more revolutionary creatures than men. They can change people’s perception of what “s right and what “s wrong in a very short period of time. Twenty years ago women were hiding stripes of their bras under the clothes and would be very embarrassed if it would stick out. Ten years ago they “ve turned it around 180 degrees. Now they want you to know the color of their bras and the rest of the world is hapily watching.

Let “s move ten inches down. Bear with me, I “m not there just yet. I “m talking about their bellies. At least five inches of the belly must be exposed to the public: six-pack, fat or cellulite ndash; does not matter.

To make better use if this body space, women should deliver some messages in this area by means of tattoo. For example, “Show me your AJAX rdquo;, “I’m into Flash “, or “Ruby on Rails is better than sex in bed rdquo; are suitable tatoos for women working in information technology.

Larger women can fit lots of useful information in such tattoos, for example all 23 design patterns with the code samples. Male programmers will be happy to use such a bulletin board instead of Google. Can’t fit all of them? Try to accomodate the most appropriate ones: Visitor, Singleton, and Observer.

Keep moving down, and let “s look at her majesty from behind. The panties. You can make from eight to ten panties from one handkerchief. And again, women are very creative, and to make sure that every man can enjoy the look and feel of this formerly intimate piece of clothing, the waist cut of their jeans is really low now.

Men are way behind in this area, and I have a proposition. We need to stop zipping up our pants. Or course, this project should be deployed slowly. For the first month, keep a small opening of about one inch. Next month, add another inch, and so on. By the end of the year all women in your office will enjoy the look of your underwear. Male computer programmers should use this extra opening for promoting tools/frameworks of their choice. Ruby on Rails folks are ahead of the game here (I’m not sure which gender is this piece for). If every man will follow these simple instructions, our Fridays will become not only casual, but much more fun!



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