Five years ago in New York

That morning on September 11, 2001 I was driving to work on New Jersey Turnpike. Back than I was working on a equities trading system for one of the world “s largest brokerage houses. NJ Turnpike is a highway that has a segment with a nice view of Manhattan “s skyscrapers and I casually turned my head to the downtown area. A smoke was coming out of one of the twins . I turned on the radio ndash; they were no sure what has happened, but suspected an accident caused by a plain crash. I called to our friend who was working in the building, but got his voicemail. He managed to survive. I called home and asked them to turn on the TV, which shortly started to show that first plain coming into the building.

By the time I arrived to work, the smoke was coming out of both towers. We were standing by the windows watching this horrible reality show from across the Hudson river. Then they closed stock market and we were told to go home. Our company has lost the building, the brokers needed to relocate to new place for work and our cubicles were given to them. The following Monday we were called back to work, but not to our cubicles, but to another floor. I “ve never been to this floor before. Imagine the open space with rows and rows of workstations, AC and power units hellip;I was amazed ndash; how they were able to put all this up together in several days! It turned out that these DR floors (disaster recovery) were standing like this for years, until this disaster has happened. The stock market was up next Monday and it was business as usual.

But starting from that day the life of New Yorkers was not “as usual rdquo; and will never be the same again. Everything was quiet in this multi-national melting pot. Seldom race crimes were punished and people got used to the fact that they have to get along, and either respect other nationalities, or at least adjust to the fact that you live and work with people who came from all over the world for a better life. September 11, showed that there is another group of people called Islam fundamentalists, that have chosen a different approach. Instead of trying to improve the lives of their people, they decided to make lives of Americans worse. And I have to admit that they are suuceeding. Big time. On September 11 people were dancing in joy in some of the city quarters populated by Muslims. One of the newspapers was writing about a Muslim student who came to school before that day and warned some of his friends to stay away from Manhattan on September 11. He knew.

Next day, lots of people in Russia, were happy that at least someone have shown these filthy-rich Americans a real power.

Then this hunt for Osama have started. Yet another failure. Fifteen out of nineteen people on these planes were from Saudi Arabia, but USA was bombing Afganistan. To destroy Taliban and give locals a better life. They did not need better life. They just needed to produce cocaine, and last week their President has admitted that opium production kept growing, and he could not do anything about it.

During three years we are watching another attempt to bring a better life to Iraq. Unfortunately, many American families have lost and keep losing their kids in that yet another lost war. American do not trust Muslims anymore. On the other hand, the entire world hates America now. US government suggests to American tourists keep low profile around the world.

Four years ago my wife went to Kiev, Ukraine to visit friends. I purchased and gave her a photo album with heart breaking pictures of burning twins, of people jumping out of the top floors of the building in a search of an easier death. When she came back, I learned that most of the people who saw this album were neither impressed nor did they care.

I “m riding a bus on New Jersey Turnpike every morning, but I do not see WTC Twins there. A new construction is about to start at the ground-zero site, and by 2012 beautiful three skyscrapers will rise there. They will rebuild the site, but there is no one who can rebuild our souls. They are permanently damaged.

I left my car at the parking lot to board the Manhattan bus. My next door neighbor Larry did the same thing five years ago. He never returned to pick his car. His wallet was found a year later in the Staten Island landfill where they were sifting through the garbage hellip; Rest in peace, Larry, and all other victims of terrorist -animals no matter what “s your nationality is, and where you live.


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