Bill Gates drives a 7 year old porsche

Ten years ago, driving a new and luxury car was one of my pleasures. It was important to me. I always tried to convince my wife that it ‘s time to change the car and get something newer and more expensive. This has changed. Now my wife is asking me when I ‘m planning to replace my 7 year old car. But I ‘m not planning to. The car is reliable and is in a decent shape. I was surprised to learn that people who can afford a bit more than myself also drive their old cars. At least we have something in common!

Forbes Autos published a list of vehicles owned by rich and famous. People from the Western countries (except Larry Ellison) drive modestly priced cars. See for yourself (net worth and vehicle owned):

Bill Gates: $50B/Porsche 911, 1999

Warren Buffet: $42B/Lincoln Town Car, 2001

Ingvar Kamprad: $28B/Volvo 240, 1993

Paul Allen: $22B/Porsche 959, 1988

Michael Dell: $17B/Porsche Boxter, 2004

Larry Ellison: $16B/ Bentley Continental, 2006

Yakov Fain: $0 debt/ Infiniti I30, 1999

See Forbes Auto for more details. If you think that having a zero debt is not an achievement, take a look at your last credit card statement. Having zero debt is a luxury that at least 90% of Americans can not afford .

Did you notice that lots of richest people in the world have something to do with computer business? Let ‘s make it clear: they are not programmers, they manage programmers. I guess, I should also stop writing code and do some software business. But still, I ‘m not replacing my car this year.


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