As a prudent blogger I have to react to Google-Youtube deal

That ‘s right, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65B in stocks. I ‘m sure, you ‘ll have lots of blogs today discussing how good it is technology-wise. So I ‘m not going to waist your precious time on this, and will just mention of some other positive results of this deal.

1. Every CEO of a tiny company gets goose bumps because s/he see that something like this may happen to their company as well.

2. It shows again that the USA is the man. Only in this country in less than two years you can LEGALLY become a multi-millionaire. When I read about initiatives of some forward-thinking bureaucrat in any other country claiming that he ‘ll invest an X number of dollars and will build another Sillicon Valley there, I just smile. You guys have great individually smart people, but you do not have such an echo system that will allow you to go as high as in the US.

3. Dot com 2.0 is here again, and if you ‘ve been having an idea about something cool but risky, go for it! Go Johnny, go!

4. Young kids will consider IT as a good career choice again. Check out the list of fifty richest people in the world: it has lot more IT people than folks with MBA.

5. Thousands of lawyers were waiting for such a deal and are about to open their cases of YouTube ‘s copyright violation. Do you know that lawyers have the lowest unemployment rate in the USA – 0.7%? This number will approach zero after Google-Youtube deal.

What a country!


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