New York needs Java developers, while West Coast is into AJAX

I ran into an interesting statistics about current job openings. Good news: Java and SQL are in demand in New York City.

As per SkillProof, they run it “systematically surveys daily more than 200,000 job openings directly obtained from large U.S. and foreign employers. Our research identifies growth or decline in the demand for skills and occupations. ”

Anyway, there is more than 2000 Java job openings in Big Apple. While this is good news, it ‘s not too surprising. But I ‘m very pleased that SQL is still in demand. I ‘m one of these die hard programmers who believe in SQL more than in Hibernate. For those of you who do not know who Joe Celko is, I highly recommend any of his books on SQL. My favorite one is SQL for Smarties (get the latest edition).

The AJAX statistics is also not surprising – AJAX should be used by the software vendors or such companies as Amazon and AOL. There is a small demand on the Wall Street, but I do not expect much growth there.

It ‘s clear that SkillProof is being run by a small group of individuals biased toward AJAX, so I do not know what ‘s the error margin here. But…it is what is…

My only question is why Adobe is hiring five Ajax developers?


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