Weve bought our first robot

Finding a cleaning lady in our area is not easy. They exist, but charge about the same rate as a senior Java architect with 25 years of experience.

Vacuuming the floor is the most annoying thing I can think of. Our friend Veronica lives in a small rown in Connecticut. She told us about her little helper, and yesterday, we ‘ve bought this little robot that vacuums the floors a lot better than I do.

It ‘s round (one feet in diameter) and is probably three inches high. Runs on the rechargeable battery, and has a docking station – when it feels that the battery is dying, it finds this station on its own and climbs on it to recharge. We call it Robik. It goes around all obstacles, has a little brush that helps pick dust in the corners.

Robik comes with two little boxes emitting some signals that allow you to set an area restrictions.

Even my son who hates cleaning his room, enjoys it now. Really cool thing. Let ‘s see how long our excitement lasts.


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