I do not love or hate programming languages – I use them

I ‘ve got the following message in one the online forums: “I think you need to get over your hatred of Javascript Yakov “. This is my quick response:

Let me remind you an old joke:

-Joe, do you like tomatoes?

-I like to eat them, otherwise…not really

I do not love or hate programming languages – I use them. Having the need to execute ten pounds of code of any interpreted/platform dependent language in a non-standardized environment such as a Web browser is bad. In the case of Ajax, it ‘s a lot of JavaScript per Web application, and I do not like THIS USE of JavaScript.

I do not have anything against JavaScript when it comes to beautifying the user ‘s Web page, nice visual effects, some client-side validation, passing data between various applications that are part of a Web page. But I ‘d prefer running my programs in a VM, being that JVM, Flash Player, or anything else.


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