Free bagels

This morning I ‘ve purchase while orderig my morning coffee and a donut I ‘ve got goose bumbs. I almost forgot that there was some email exchange yesterday that tomorrow we ‘ll have free bagels! Once in a while corporations treat their employees with free bagels cookies, pizzas. Free food! What should I do? What if I won ‘t purchase my donut but by the time I get in the office all bagels will be gone? Too risky. I found a smart solution: I ‘ve purchased a small bag of cookies thinking to myself, “If the bagels will be still there, I ‘ll save my cookies for after lunch sugar crave. But if I ‘m late with bagels, I ‘ll drink my coffee with the cookies “. I am really smart, isn ‘t it?

I came to my office and sure enough the email with exact location of the bagels was there. But it was sent 40 minutes ago! My colleague walked in and said, “Did you see all these people walking around with bagels? “…I was drinking coffee with my cookies by this time.

Anyway, nothing works as good as free food. It ‘s the best perk ever. Forgret about the fact that any worker of this company can afford to buy anywhere from 3 to 12 thousand bagels a month. How cares, we want free bagels! The more the merrier! If someone will ask you, do you like the place you aork at? Yes I do, we have free bagels every week. If you need to make a multi-million deal, you invite a person for a dinner that costs $100 or less per person.

Do you know what place I enjoy the most? A good supermarket. I walk along the isles and add stuff to my shopping cart. I do not pay too much attention to prices. I fill rich. Do you know the major difference between people and animals? The latter eat when they are hungry.

Are you lucky enough to get treated with free bagels? Google employees should not reply.


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