Farata Systems made the list of top Flex firms

Ted Patrick, a noted Flex Evangelist from Adobe has published a list of top dozen of consulting firms that offer application development using Adobe Flex. I ‘m happy to see our firm, Farata Systems in this list.

Ted writes, “The list is based on the consulting firms that I have worked with directly and who have delivered multiple successful Flex applications to clients. In every case you will find that the firms know Flex inside out and are some of the best minds in the business of RIA application development. ”

Thank you Ted, and I ‘d like to use this opportunity to introduce ourselves to those who did not have a chance to work with us yet.

We ‘ve put lots of efforts into studying Flex Framework – we ‘ve spent time going deep under the Flex skin, learning its source code to make sure we can offer the most efficient solutions to our customers. The fact that Flex is a well designed extensible framework has allowed us to start building our own component that dramatically improved our team ‘s productivity while working on the enterprise applications with Flex and Java, and this week we are going to offer Beta version of some of these components at myflex.org.

Besides offering consulting services, we blog and publish technical articles, we ‘ve published a book “Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java “, and we teach Flex based on our real-world experience of developing enterprise applications.

Please let me know if you need help with any of your Flex-related projects.


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