JavaOne 2007: &”Here I am&” types of blogs

This is a typical first-day situation in the blogosphere ndash; you are excited that tomorrow THE SHOW will start, and you are going to be a part of it , and now you have arrived to SF. As expected, neither SF mayor not CA governor showed up at the airport, and there is no limo or red carpet either. It seems that SF citizens do not feel the importance of your arrival to JavaOne. So how to fix the situation? You blog hellip; something like this “It “s 1PM in SF, my plane has been delayed for an hour and the food on the plane was not so good so I almost puked. I decided to work on my laptop, but the battery died pretty soon “. Here “s a typical example of such a blog.

To give you yet another example of zero-info/gibberish blog, I “ll just add a link to yet another piece that I wrote about Adobe Max conference , which is a number one event for Adobe followers. That event took place last Fall in Vegas, but if you “ll replace the words MAX with JavaOne and Las Vegas with San Francisco, it can squeeze a smile out of you .

Ok, now some bits and pieces of info. This morning I “ve participated in a private briefing about some important tomorrow “s announcement. But Sun “s executive started with a statement that he could not give too much details till tomorrow, so even if I wanted to leak some info, there was not much of a substance. But let me give you a hint (as if you can “t wait till tomorrow “s keynote) – I “ve been pointing out this problem with Java on many occasions in my previous blogs and articles, and yes, Sun will announce their renewed interest in hellip;sorry I can “s say anything just yet (now I feel important too). Actually, this was a good discussion on Java issues, but I did not get a feeling that some major shifts are to be announced.

Andrew Law writes that Tim O “Reilly gave a keynote at the CommunityOne gathering. He was talking about Web 2.0, but I “m still having hard times figuring out what exactly Web 2.0 is. I guess, he refers to social engineering Web sites.

Till tomorrow…


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