What are they smoking?

I ‘m listening to the Bruce Williams talk show on my way from work. People call and ask for various advises (Bruce is a realy smart man with lots of life experience. This guy calls in and says,

“I have a house and some money in the 401K plan ”

Bruce asks:

“How much money do you have in your 401K and what ‘s the price of your house? ”

“$6000, and the house costs $80K ”

“What do you do you owe on this house? ”

“$80K ”

“Oh, so you do not own the house…Was it a zero down purchase? ”

“Yes, I had an 80/20 mortgage ”

“So what ‘s you question? ”

“I ‘m seeing this lady, and not sure if I should marry her ”

“Why not? ”

“What if in 20-30 years she decides to leave me and we ‘ll need to split the money? ”

Bruce suggested him to stay single…

But my problem is that this guy is not mental. He really thinks that he owns the house.

People are brain washed… They know that having a house is an American Dream…Unfortunately, these days American dream turns into an ability to obtain the mortgage, which gives you a feeling that you own a house. Let ‘s not even go into a situation with sub-prime mortgages in America, which affects everyone, regardless if you have a mortgage or not.

Do not kid yourself, you own nothing until you paid it off 100%.

Do you own a house? Yeah, right!


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