AjaxWorld and Bear Stern

Today is the first day of the AJAXWorld conference that takes place in New York City at the Roosevelt hotel. I was delivering a talk comparing various technologies for creation of rich Internet applications. The room was packed. People were sitting on the floor. This is an yet another evidence of the growing interest to RIA among enterprise management and developers.

On this photo I ‘m with the creator of Sys-Con Media, a publisher of lots of technology magazines and books, Fuat Kircaali.

This was the first time I ‘ve included into the list of the RIA players a little known product called Curl. Even though this language was created in MIT, it ‘s mainly used in Japan. I had a chance to spend an hour with Curl folks today, and it seems that this language may be a good fit for RIA that require solid processing power on the client. I need to spend more time studying this language to form an opinion about this language Curl.

Today, besides AJAXWorld, Roosevelt hotel hosted sort of a job fair for the Bear Stern employees who all of a sudden lost their jobs. I ‘m sure you know that this Wall Street giant was purchased by JP Morgan for a price of a good football player. A friend of mine has overheard a conversation between two of the Bear ‘s people. You might find it interesting.

“Man, I lost a lot of money last week, but I ‘m still OK ”

“Me too, but John ‘s broke. He ‘s lost everything and now he ‘s down to his last ten millions “.

Isn ‘t it cute?


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