Teaching a one-day class at 360|Flex Camp in NJ in September

360Flex got a little brother now. It “s called 360|Flex Camp. The first camp will take place in a month in New Jersey. I knew this for a while but kept a secret – folks from New Jersey Flex Users Group had to take care of logistics of the event. Now it “s official, see details here. They are planning to add another 6 or 7 speakers.

As a part of this event, I “ll be running a full day hands-on Flex training on Friday. When I asked the organizers if they want it to be advanced or intro class, they simply answered, “It has to be an advanced introduction to Flex rdquo;. Sounds challenging, but I “ll come up with something to turn my students from “Flex, Who? rdquo; to people considering job offers for Flex positions.


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