One new little cool feature of Picasa 3 and CIA

I don ‘t use Picasa, Flickr, or any other software where allowing my to create and organize photo albums online. I keep them on my local disk poorly organized but I can get get by.

I prefer keeping my personal photos locally. But some people are happy to share with the entire world how they got married or even had, smoke pot or even have sex. Social engineering networks do similar things but most of this information is offered as a text. Especially teenagers are happy to show off online without thinking that 5 years from now this post of photo can screw up their live. “Mom, Jane Lee will be my roommate in college “. Computer savvy Jersey mom does a couple of clicks and responds, “Over my dead body “. Or you are applying for a job. This dumb looking HR guy makes a couple of clicks and thinks to himself, “Over my dead body “.

FBI and CIA agents should be the most happiest users of these networks! They can browse these networks and see what are you up to. During my short exploration of Twitter, I found out that some people keep posting the info like “I ‘m at such and such address now “. The most advanced users go even further – they post exact X and Y coordinates, i.e. 40.894907,-74.443531 (I use X and Y here because one popular author have announced that the world is flat).

But you are smart. You ‘ll never make these stupid posts online, right? Keep reading.

Now we are moving a little bit further. I urge you to watch this video of a new Picasa 3 feature wich is innocentle called Name Tags. Say you have a bunch of photos of Mary, Yakov, and other friends. You need to organize them. Just upload the grab bag of photos to Picasa, and it ‘ll engage a special program that will automatically analyze the photos and group similar faces so you can quickly add a name tag Mary, Yakov and the like. You ‘ll be able to quickly create a photo album that have only Yakov ‘s picture. Nice.

But now let ‘s watch yet another super-duper more than a year old coolest ever video , which may put this little Picasa feature in perspective. I ‘m not sure if Picasa is trying to use this Photosynth software, but this really revolutionizes the entire computer world. No need to tag a public image. Just run this software and recreate the enire scene. I ‘m sure CIA got a hold this software too.

Oh, by the way, who is this drunk girl on the dorm orgy photo? Let me find out real quick…

Update on Sep 18, 2008. Wall Street Journal has published an article called “CollegeApplicants, Beware: Your facebook is Showing “.

WSJ writes, “A new survey of 500 top colleges found that 10% od admission officers acknowledged looking at social networks sites to evaluate applications…Some admission officers said they had rejected students because of material on their sites “.


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