Visiting Japan. Part 5. The cows name was Asada

The population of Russia is 142Mil. The population of Japan is 127Mil. Seems to be comparable countries. But now take a look at this map . Russia is huge, and Japan is a little purple bird drop on the right. Japan is one of the most developed and industrialized countries, while Russia almost solely depends on the willingness of other countries to buy oil or gas. Isn “t it amazing? Just a thought hellip;

Traditionally, Japan was a country of farmers and artisans. These days many people who haven “t been here believe that it “s a futuristic high-tech overpopulated country. I don “t think so. Men work, majority of women are housewives. Majority of men are seldom home. They go to work early and come back late working long overtime hours. The reason is simple ndash; during the day time they almost sabotage work waiting for the evening to get overtime pay. Wives run the hose and typically give husband $300 a month allowance for buying lunches. Some of these wives get bored during a day and hire “an English language teacher rdquo; to have some fun.

Most of their husbands have lifetime employment, but when the retirement time arrives, some wives (especially those who didn ‘t have English teachers) immediately file for a divorce to enjoy the life for all these years spent alone.

Tokyo is gorgeous and, as usual, is squeaking clean.

I “d like to offer you a little test. Please select the right answer for the following question:

“Where have I been at 5:30AM on Saturday? ”

Pick one of the following:

A. Sleeping with my wife in the hotel

B. Interviewing a Shanghais prostitute in a bar

C. Attending an auction

I bet most of you would like to select B as an answer. I may disappoint you, but the right answer is C. Yes, I was attending tuna auction in Tokyo fish market. This is a very interesting event to attend. First, the wholesalers check the quality of these huge tunas, and then make their bids.

The price for tuna varies from $3 to $1000 per kilo.

The fish market is huge with lots of different fish and other products of the sea. Again, it “s so clean hellip; there is no smell at all. Running water takes care of it.

Getting back the answer B above. Not that I care, but this may be an important hint for your next trip. Japanese prostitutes don “t like sleeping with the foreigners. If you are desperate, you “d need to go with a Thai or Chinese girl. Or learn speaking Japanese to increase your chances.

Most of this week we ate raw seafood. But a couple of times we “ve enjoyed beef too. One day it was the kobe beef. Telling you how it tastes is similar to trying to sing after Pavarotti concert so you “d enjoy that yesterday “s show too. Kobe beef is very expensive, but being savvy travelers, we know how to get it for half price.

The owner of that particular restaurant wanted to make this meal more memorable for their customers, and they brought to the table a special certificate having the name of the cow, her date of birth, data on her parents and when she was slaughtered. Our cow “s name was Asada. And for me, this knowledge screw up the whole experience of kobe beef.

When you eat beef, you know nothing about those nameless, spiritless, orphan cows. You just eat beef. But when you eat a 5-year old Asada, Mary, or Bill, it “s as if you eat your pet. This really sucks. I feel guilty of eating Asada.

I “m not going to become a vegetarian at this point, but will definitely lower the consumption of red meat (it “s bed for cholesterol too). Hopefully, I “ll never run into a restaurant where a waiter will serve me a dish prepared from a chicken called Monica, Hillary or Sarah who was born, raised and lost her virginity somewhere in my neighborhood.

See you.

P.S. Now I know why there “s no pretty girls in Kyoto ndash; they all moved to Tokyo. The girls here are well dressed and good looking.


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