My interview with The Flex Show

It ‘s been fun to talk to folks from 360 Flex and The Flex Show, and here ‘s the audio recording of that conversation.

BTW, 360 folks did it again – they put together an excellent unconference that will take place during Adobe MAX conference next month. Yours truly will be there comparing frameworks. Not to diminish the value of the official Flex-related MAX materials, but this unconference seems to have more advanced stuff that the big brother.

I ‘ll be happy to see you there, but if you can ‘t make because of attending other presentation, there is no excuses for not attending the BOF session on using Flex frameworks that I will moderate on Monday evening at MAX.

At MAX, I ‘m ready to meet with any Flex developer who ‘s willing to buy me a beer (I drink Leffe from Belgium). You can easily find me there – every day I ‘ll be wearing a black t-shirt with large white letters FARATA. No worries, it ‘s not exactly the same t-shirt – I ‘ll bring four of them.

See you soon,


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