Advanced Adobe Flex Training

The number of software developers who are comfortable with Flex has reached critical mass and we started getting requests for advanced Flex training. People not just want to learn Flex, they want to use it properly.

We have created a two-day curriculum for Enterprise architects and already successfully delivered it to a group of application and enterprise architects of a major insurance company.

Now we “ve decided to offer it as a public training to help enterprise architects, development managers and team leaders to understand how to run real-world Adobe Flex projects. Attendees will get an overview of frameworks, tools, utilities and best practices of RIA development with Adobe Flex and Java. This technical event will help you to avoid typical architectural mistakes usually made on first projects with Flex.

This is not a hands-on workshop, but rather a fast paced immersion into the world of RIA with Adobe Flex. Here “s a brief overview of the curriculum:

Adobe Flex Architecture

Thinking in Flex

Accessing Enterprise Server Tier

LiveCycle Data Services/Blaze Data Services Architecture

Flex Communication Protocols

Flex Messaging:

RPC Services

Data Management Services

Modularization of Flex enterprise applications

Flex Portal Applications

Integrating Flex applications with External applications

Staffing Flex projects

Comparing MVC Architectural Flex Frameworks

Overview of Clear Toolkit framework

Troubleshooting AMF

Overview of testing tools for RIA

Automation of ANT script creation

Flex Developer ‘s Workstation

Minimizing the time of Initial Application loading

This training will take place on March 2nd and 3rd in New York City. Visit for details.

If you are just starting working with Flex, consider attending five-day Adobe Certified Flex training that will take place in New York City on March 23-27, 2009.

We are also working on the courseware for the advanced two-day hands-on workshop for Flex developers. The first day will be titled “Unleashing the power of Design Patterns in Flex rdquo;. The second day goes by the working title “Enhancing Flex components rdquo;. This training will be offered to the public in April 2009.

Any of these curriculums as well as two-day introduction to Adobe AIR can also be delivered onsite at your organization.

If you can ‘t attend our training, consider reading our upcoming O ‘Reilly book “Enterprise Development with Flex. ” The first rough cut chapter is already available to the subscribers of Safari Books at

Yakov Fain


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