Books almost done and an offer to write a new one

I ‘m finishing writing a book for O ‘Reilly “Enterprise Development with Flex “. It ‘s my 6th one.

Yesterday, I got an email from a person asking if I ‘d like to write a new book on software. Here ‘s what came to my mind. A gynecologist goes home from work. It was a long day. He was passing by a street whore standing on the corner, and she whispered, ” I can show you my pussy for $20 “.

No more technical books…At least for a year… I ‘m exhausted.

On the other hand, I started a series of blogs that I might turn into an e-book about America. I write about when and why I came here, how I see and feel America, what I found unusual or different, e t.c. Kinda, an Immigrant Programmer ‘s Diaries.

For now, I ‘m started it as a series of blogs in Russian language. But if someone will offer to show me a pussy, oops…publish and print that book in English (or Russian), I ‘ll definitely consider.

If you can read in Russian, the first five blogs are here.


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