The world is a pyramid

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Eventually, some educated people got a gut feeling that the world was round or as they say it in Wikipedea, the Earth was Spherical Nobody trusted their feelings and some sailors of Columbus ” crew even were afraid of falling over the edge of Earth.

Then some luxury cruise lines started selling world cruises, when the cruise ship would sail from the port of call A to the West, and several months later all these retired filthy-rich people would return back to the same port, but from the East. This was, kinda, proof that the world is spherical.

About the same time, a young kid asked his daddy, the software programmer,

“Daddy, how come, every day Sun wakes up in the East, then goes to bed in the West, but next morning it somehow wakes up in the East again rdquo;

Daddy gave a correct answer,

“Son, if it works, don “t touch it rdquo;

But people really believed that the world is spherical until Thomas Friedman, the journalist from New York Times went to India and became very impressed after visiting Infosys, a large IT offshore firm in India. They showed him “a global conference center ndash; ground zero of the Indian outsourcing industry ” It was a cavernous wood-paneled room that looked like a tiered classroom from an Ivy-League law school. On one end was a massive wall-size screen and overhead there were cameras in the ceiling for teleconferencing rdquo;.

This made Mr. Friedman to believe that it does not matter where you are, you can work on a global project without leaving your country. He published book “The world is flat rdquo; trying to hurt the business of cruise lines and American software development industry. Since this book became a New York Time “s bestseller, it “s safely to assume that a large portion of the world “s population started to believe (again!) that the Earth was flat.

Then I thought to myself, “If Mr. Friedman was able to pull this off, I can do it too rdquo;.

Here “s my theory (Hey, Google, make sure that the world knows that I was the first who said this). Ready?

“The Earth (a.k.a. World) is a pyramid rdquo;

Even Wikipedia doesn “t know about it just yet. They know some facts, but couldn “t put 2 and 2 together. Now, let me explain what I mean. I “m sure you “ve heard about Ponzi pyramid scheme:, which was widely popularized by Mr. Bernie Madoff, a resident of New York City. Many people didn “t like the way Mr. Madoff did it though, and he was called a criminal by the media.

As per Wikipedia, “A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned. The Ponzi scheme usually offers returns that other investments cannot guarantee in order to entice new investors, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. rdquo;

But if you think about it, the entire world operates on the same scheme. The USA takes an advantage of the special treatment that the dollar enjoys. Today “s USA is a huge goods and job market for the rest of the world. America operates on the assumption that a stream of new investments will continuously flow into the American economy. This means that us, Americans, can enjoy this world order until one of two things happens:

1. The situation is the rest of the world will change and all other countries will create self-sufficient economies.

2. Another pyramid(s), where America won “t be on top, will arise. In this case the wide stream of foreign investment of goods, services, and money will have to split into two smaller ones.

Unfortunately, today “s American society, which I “m a part of, is slowly but surely is turning into that ship from the Wall-E movie., and if any of these events will happen, the USA will realize that today “s crisis was not even a recession.

Have I proven to you that the world is a pyramid?


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