How to attend Adobe MAX conference for cheap

Three years ago, I was calculating the cost of attending JavaOne conference: Thanks to crisis, the conferences got cheaper, but still are not affordable for many software developers. I “d like to offer you a legal way to get more than 80% off the registration price at Adobe MAX that will take place next week in Los Angeles. But you have to move fast! It “s easy:

1. Today: enroll into a cheapest class in your local community college to get a student ID.

2. Tomorrow: register for Adobe Max for $199 at the following Web page:

3. Sunday: arrive to LA.

4. Find me at the conference (I “m nice looking and friendly guy wearing black T-Shirt with white letters FARATA) and say, “Thank you, Yakov for saving me about $1200! rdquo; You can easily find me at 12:30PM on Monday at the Community Pavilion where I ‘ll be hosting a BOF “Enterprise Development with Flex “.

Sorry, Adobe. Please don “t invalidate my pass for sharing this little trick.


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