Flash Player will be packaged with Google Chrome

Adobe has announced that they made a deal with Google: the new releases of Chrome Web browser will be packaged with the latest version of Flash Player. Even though the only person I know who uses Chrome is my younger son (he just says it ‘s cool), this is an important announcement.

When I say that Flash Player is a great VM and an excellent choice for delivering rich Internet applications, thousands listen. But when Google makes a commitment to make Flash Player a part of its browser it has even more weight. Google states loud and clear that Flash Player is a valid software that can and should be used.

All these Youtube-raised boys and girls voices stating that HTML5 will kill Flash Player can ‘t be taken seriously for many years to come given the historically slow evolution and adoption of previous versions of HTML. I can see Silverlight (also a VM supported by a real vendor) to start competing with Flash Player in 2011 in the RIA space, but not HTML5.Check out this video comparing performance of Flash Player 10.1 and HTML5.

I ‘m sure, after hearing about this Google/Adobe announcement Apple won ‘t immediately allow Flash Player on SOS (Steve OS), but the statements like Flash Player overloads our 1Ghz CPU and drains the battery will sound as a joke as more and more Google ‘s phones will hit the market. Steve Jobs will surrender. The sooner the better or I ‘ll sell my shares of AAPL, which so far are doing great.


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