Upcoming public Flex training and New Jersey User Groups

1. Last year, the Princeton Java Users Group that I “m leading became homeless. We lost the host that was giving us a place to meet and pizza.

2. Last year, New Jersey Flex Users group ceased to exist ndash; not sure why. The Garden State, where every other person is in IT deserves better.

3. Being a proud Jersey resident, the next week will be the second time I “m presenting this year hellip; at Atlanta Flex User Group Atlanta. No, it “s not Atlantic City, NJ. It “s Georgia.

4. Flex and Java nicely compliment each other in lots and lots of real-world enterprise projects in the greater New York Area, which wouldn “t be able to run its IT operations without us, Jersey hero commuters who spent 3.5-4 hours a day getting through the tunnels and bridges to that famous island and back.

5. Recruiters have hard times finding developers with Flex/Java skills.

6. I “m ready to create and run a new Flex and Java Users Group in Central Jersey as soon as someone will offer a place to meet and pizza to eat. It has to be a meeting room that can feet at least 30 people. This is all I “m asking for. The hosting company will be entitled for opening 5 minutes of each meeting announcing their products, or job openings. And people who attend users groups are real developers! If interested, send me an email at yfain11 at yahoo.com.

7. My role is to bring qualified presenters and present myself on the subjects that interest enterprise Flex and Java Developers.

8. All of the above is a just part of my contribution to Flex and Java community.

9. Now let me take care of the bills. I “ll be running a week of live online introductory Flex 4 training on the week of July 12, 2010. You can attend without the need to travel. For details and registration visit this site.

10. The next one-day advanced public Flex workshop on modularization of Flex applications will take place in Lansdowne Resort, VA on July 27, a day before the CFUnited conference starts in the same venue ( this workshop is not affiliated with CFUnited). Here “s the registration page.

11. In August-September I ‘ll be running a week of online live Intro to Java class – stay tuned.

That “s all folks. See you in one of the meeting rooms.


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