We Taught Adobe AIR Talk to Native Android API

Adobe AIR is the most productive tool for developing the UI for Android. But as of today, AIR can “t access native Android API. By the end of this year Adobe plans to offer some integration/bridge to the native Android applications, but it “s not clear how it “s going to be implemented.

Traditionally, Farata Systems is trying to get into emerging and promising technologies as soon as possible and the first results are already achieved. We taught AIR to talk to the native Android API. I mean it. You “ll see a demo, where a user talks to an AIR application, which communicate with the native Android voice API, which recognizes his commands and fills out the AIR UI form.

Without going into much details, we are using a different from Adobe approach ndash; we put their BlaseDS server right inside the Android device. This opens endless opportunities, and we are trying to find the best use for this solution that goes under the working name “Server in your pocket rdquo;.

My colleague Victor works full time on integrating AIR and Android. He has recorded a short video that features him talking to the AIR application on the Xoom tablet, which communicates to the native Android voice recognition API and fills out the AIR form. Everything is happening inside the Xoom tablet. This addition to our Clear Toolkit has a working name Clear APK. See it for yourself.

We “ll present this demo live in August during our fourth annual symposium on enterprise software.


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