A Life Saving Egg Hack

Sometimes I eat chicken eggs in the morning. I boil two eggs for six minutes. My wife is not too happy with the fact that I’m doing this in an old-fashioned way. Yes, I simply bring the water to the boiling point and then put there as many eggs as I want. But my wife has a dozen different kitchen devices, and one of them is specifically for boiling eggs. It looks like this:

The first problem with this device is that it comes with a plastic measuring container, which used to have these special marks for the right amount of water depending on the number of eggs you want to boil. These marks disappeared over time and you can’t me sure if you’re gonna get the soft or hard boiled eggs.This egg machine has another annoying thing – you have to make a hole with a special needle in the raw eggs. But the grandma’s method always works fine. I just need to remember one number – 6 minutes regardless of the number of eggs you’re boiling. No holes, no nothing.

Here’s my life saving egg hack (c).

After the eggs are cooked, I put them in a special egg-holder for large eggs. You may be surprised, but chicken continue producing eggs of different sizes, and if an egg is small, it slides down to the bottom of the egg holder screwing my entire breakfast experience. If this bothers you too, here’s the trick.

Important: you must eat the larger egg first. After you’re done with the first one, keep its shell inside the container, and put the smaller egg inside the used shell as shown in the photo below. Yep, it’s that simple.

If this blog has ignited your interest in eggs, I can recommend you this wikipedia article for further studying of the subject. Enjoy your eggs!


2 thoughts on “A Life Saving Egg Hack

  1. Have you ever tried soft boiled eggs? It is very popular breakfast in Singapore.
    Here is picture of typical breakfast set with kaya butter toasts and “kopi o” (coffee with milk).

    1. Haven’t tried this one yet. I’m afraid, my egg hack won’t work with this way of cooking eggs 🙂

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