How to Become a Professional Software Developer

I’ve recorded this video about IT career based on my last week’s talk at the Java developers conference in Kiev, Ukraine. This is not a technical presentation, so anybody can listen to it.  You may not agree with what I say, but hey, it’s my today’s opinion formed during my rather long career in IT.

In this presentation I touch upon the following subjects:

  • The process of looking for a job (sending the resume, passing the interview, considering a offer, discussing the salary)..
  • What’s the difference in interviewing Ukrainian and American programmers.
  • Comparing employees and contractors.
  • Are you really a senior developer?
  • Keeping your skills up to date.

You can watch the video here.  If you prefer, just download the mp3 and listen to it on the go. Back in 2008, I self-published a free e-Book titled “Enterprise Development Without the BS“, which is also covering  IT career subjects. Give it a read.


2 thoughts on “How to Become a Professional Software Developer

  1. Hi Yakov,

    Your thoughts on Become a professional Software Developer is applicable to a developer in any country and at any time. Your thoughts are excellent. I also read your book ESnoBS. Software is going towards the position like petrol or diesel, means the requirement of this energy (software) will be needed by everyone in the world. Now every one in the world need face book account. In future no can live without touchscreen mobile and social networking. Mark zuker and Steve jobs influenced every one life in the world. I can see every one in india willing to buy touch screen phone, willing use its applications and willing to stay connected with the world. Americans are good in business.They required to invent new technologies, then only America can survive as a super dooper country in this world, otherwise third world countries like china may overtake them.


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