Think out of the box

Just came back from a dinner with my business partners hosted by Anatole. When the dinner was almost over he said, “Man, I forgot to put the red caviar on the table”. Red caviar is also known as salmon roe.

I said, “OK, let’s get some, but we need bread and butter”. After that I went on talking about that good tasting Amish butter I’ve enjoyed last month in Pennsylvania. Anatole replied, “It’s easy, I’ll make you a good butter in two minutes.” Then he poured some heavy cream in a cup and turned on the blender.

Two minutes later we’ve enjoyed the butter better than the one I bought at the Amish market.

I always knew that Anatole thinks out of the box, but not to this extent!


3 thoughts on “Think out of the box

  1. Your friend probably grew up with the grandma and learned all grandma’s recipe while watching her. The most important part – he remembers it and he USES IT.

  2. You can do this just as easily without power tools, too. Pour heavy cream into a sealed rubber box such as Tupperware, and simply shaking it for a few minutes. The butter will separate from the whey and you’ll have a little ball of butter at the end. Kids love it.

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