iPhone Verizon vs. AT&T

My son just got an iPhone5 from Verizon. I got an iPhone5 from AT&T, my wife has iPhone4. So I put three phones next to each other and ran the speedtests on each of them at the same time. The results speak for themselves.

I’m sure the results will vary in different locations – I ran this test in Central Jersey – but Verizon wins hands down. I understand that iPhone4 on 3G is slower than iPhone5 on 4G, but the question is if AT&T has 4G for real or they simply display”4G” to make iPhone 5 owners happy?

These test may not be ideal cause for some reason the Speedtest application decided to use different servers for tests. Here’s another interesting observation: while Verizon’s iPhone found the closest symbol in Clifton, NJ, the AT&T test on the photo reads “Hosted by Towerstream”. In test re-run I’ve noticed the message “Using Comcast”. So the question is if AT&T really has their own 4G network or have to borrow the networks from other providers, which is the reason of such slowness?

Anyway, it was an interesting experiment, and I hope it’ll help some people in making decisions while selecting their mobile providers.


7 thoughts on “iPhone Verizon vs. AT&T

  1. It’s your local AT&T network. My iPhone 5 is on AT&T and iPad on Verizon show almost identical speeds 20Mb/8Mb in most metro areas

    1. the question is LTE coverage from ATT is not that good compared to verizon and this is the reason i’m going to switch to verizon from ATT . Btw iphone 4s shows 4G as well – and u never know what does it mean 😉

      1. Please recheck it in South FL – last time I was there it was 15Mb on ATT network. 4G on iPhone 4S (ATT) is sporadic, and very unreliable. The best I have seen was 8 Mb, but in most places it has high jitter and is not usable even for simple VoIP

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