The best computer speakers

Last week I was vacationing in Asia. Our resort had a bar right on the Indian Ocean, and there was this DJ from Holland who played great music compilations via high quality speakers. I decided that it’s time to upgrade the sound in my office too. After a quick research I’ve ordered a pair of AudioEngine5+. When I returned back to the US, the box from Amazon was waiting by the door.

I hooked up these speakers – they’re simply amazing. It’s hard to believe that you can get this power and clarity right on your desk from your computer. Thirty years ago I was into Hi-Fi sound. I was an audiophile. Over the years I decided that my ears can’t hear all these high and low frequencies, and there was no reason to spend money on sound – I spend most of my time in my home office in front of the computer. My small computer speakers by Bose were OK. Besides, why bother if all these inexpensive earphones with 20Hz-20kHz range can deliver good sound. Wrong! These speakers deliver THE sound especially if you’ll play a CD with good instrumental orchestra music like Richard Clayderman, Fausto Papetti, or James Last.

For the computer speakers they are large though – you need to have a large desk, which I do. This is how my desk looks today:


Don’t get mislead by the voice processor – I use it for the external mike only. The speakers are connected to the headphone output of your computer. Ignore the dumb bells too – I don’t workout.

Warning: If you like boosted base, you’ll need to purchase additional subwoofer, which can be easily connected with provided wires. But I’m not sure if I want it. At 50 watts per channels they will work well for my pool parties too.

The long story short: I give Audioengine5+ speakers 5+ on the scale of 1 to 5.


7 thoughts on “The best computer speakers

  1. I looked @ them a while ago, really depends on how you like to have large speakers that close to you/reverberating through the desk. For voice/audiobooks I use smaller ones with sub woofer works better. In the end, if you are still playing/need it for parties you are better of with a couple of higher power monitors way off your desk – the heavier the better if you do not use sub woofer. I use Behringer B3031A for most cases as they can be used in both closed and open spaces and have direct interface for instruments/microphones.

  2. I had smaller ones with subwoofer – they were not that good (their price was $150). It seems that you’ve read only the last part of the blog. I’ll be using these speaker 99.9% while sitting at my desk. They’re very heavy and have paddings at the bottoms.

  3. my coumputer speakers its sound is good. it’s look very nice. it is black color, it has a LED power indicator, 3.7 mm headphone jack, remote control. i am Controls for volume bass and treble.

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