Revolutionizing Internet Marketing

I was listening to the internet music on Sometime ago I was thinking of buying a $40 a year license, but never did.  Now, after playing several songs Pandora forces me to hear some commercial ads. It’s a typical model – purchase a license and we won’t be showing these ads.


This got me thinking. If I’m a cheap bastard who doesn’t even want to pay for really good Pandora’s service, what’s the point in showing me all these ads? I’m not going to buy anything anyway!  Don’t they use something called “target market” anymore?  Why wasting money for showing products to the people who are cheap?

I want to offer something that will revolutionize  internet and mobile software markets. Let’s turn it upside down: give the software for free to people who don’t like buying licenses, and those who paid will enjoy the ads! Sounds stupid, right?  The question is what’s more stupid: advertising to penniless losers or to people with money who are accustomed to pay for stuff?

Update. Ten days after writing this post I paid $36 for the yearly subscription to Pandora radio.


7 thoughts on “Revolutionizing Internet Marketing

  1. But there’s no incentive to buy the software, especially if I know I’ll get slammed with ads. Just as there’s tiered level software, maybe there should be tiered ads — if you buy a license you get less but more “quality” advertising?

  2. Hahahaha!

    Interesting view of the ads!

    One year and a half my son wrote a simple iOS game which never took off so he decided to change the model to adware.

    I think he collected something like $1…

  3. What they really should to do in free version is to limit total play time / number of tracks per day. Typically this option works far better at least in games – if game is indeed addicting than there are good chances gamers buy full versions after playing free levels.

  4. Perhaps not being cheap, but that the product is of little value or the price too high. If it happens that the product is needed and right priced – hey, I buy it.

    What we really have is too many sellers in a world where the buyers don’t really need all that much Another way to look at it: Google, Facebook, and other internet advertisers have found a way to leverage overpopulation!

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