Project Boston

One suspect is dead, and the other is in custody. Life’s great? Let’s see.

Being an IT business owner I got used to consider any undertaking as a project. When I look at the entire Boston operation as a project, I consider it a failure. Here’s why.

1. Nine thousand of police officers, special agents and military personnel were trying to find and apprehend a 19-year old kid. How many law endorsement personnel would be required to deal with a terrorist group had a 100 people? Nine hundred thousand? The entire US Army? In software development we call this serious scalability problem.

2. I hate terrorists in general and these two in particular. After FBI got the #2 suspect, I was watching the crowd greeting all these heavily armed forces in the military vehicles. People were holding signs “You are our brave heroes”, and the heroes accepted these congratulation. I guess, it’s heroic to win the game where one team has 9000 players and another only one. I’m wondering how many thousands of armed people would be involved in Israel in a similar situation? Maybe it’s time to do some serious learning from our allies?

3. How much money this operation cost tax payers? Does anyone count money when a terrorists are involved or this is an all out war with an unlimited budget?

4. Take the shootout between two brothers and six armed police officers. What do we got? One dead and one wounded on each side, and the 19-year old kid ran over his brothers and escaped. Yet another failure.

5. Now let’s talk about the media coverage. CNN did a shitty job. They seem to be happy to get any piece of news to immediately air it. Young kids didn’t watch TV – they were listening online to the police scanner to get more reliable information from the first hands. Twitter did a better job than CNN.

I posted a tweet “Everybody who knew this #2 from Boston said he’s a great guy. It’s yet another evidence of how religion can turn a person into a zombie.” One of my followers responded, “Take off your CNN glasses and then try to see the real world. Who has killed millions in recent years?” Then he sent me a link to the article stating that as a result of military actions of the US Army more than a thousand kids were killed elsewhere. I can’t imagine a worse tragedy than when you kid dies. But this is war, and US Army had never planned a special attack to kill kids, woman, and civilians. But these brothers did exactly this.

I could somewhat understand what a relative of a recently killed innocent kid goes goes on a killing spree. But this was not the case. These brothers were living for years in the USA using and abusing its free society, and then someone turned them on, like zombies, like robots, which was enough for them to start the cold blooded killing in Boston.

Then our democratic society is discussing if this 19 y.o. zombie-killer should be read his Miranda rights. What do we expect to hear from this little monster? That Islam fundamentalist hate the USA and will do anything to harm us? We know that much. Two years ago Russian intelligence warned the FBI that the older brother became a follower of radical Islam. The FBI met with him several times, and didn’t find anything suspicious. But when the terrorist will give them the same information, it’s going to be more credible and valuable?

In cases like these there is another subject that usually goes unnoticed in the press: these brothers literally destroyed lives of their own families. These terminators don’t have any feelings for their own mother and father, sisters, and their families. Think about the future of the wife and kid of the older brother. He simply didn’t give a shit. He’s not a human.

Coming back to projects and resources… It’s like someone would have given an IT manager a one week project to complete and said to him, “We are giving you 9000 IT people that cost you nothing. They are professionally trained software developers, testers, Web designers, database administrators, and technical writers…” How do you like that?

The Project Boston didn’t fail for a simple reason: an old guy decided to check on his boat sitting in his backyard. If he didn’t do it, the younger terrorist would have died silently within a couple of days and would be found either when the boating season started or somebody would smell the corpse.

I really glad that these two terrorists will never hurt innocent people anymore, but this entire Boston project left a bad taste in my mouth.


5 thoughts on “Project Boston

  1. Why 9000 law officers? Easy, they had to block all roads, not only in MA, in states around. Why they took this so seriously? because these guys had bombs, nobody knew where these bombs are, also nobody knew how big their group is, nobody knew what plans do the group have. Yeah, now everyone knows that there were only 2 brothers. But who knew a day before?

    6 armed cops failed? I do not think so. Thursday night I read on twitter about MIT shooting, then I found online boston police radio scanner. After maybe 30, 40 minutes of “we are looking for Black SUV with 2 males” I heard that officers are taking fire, and “they’re throwing grenades, need backup”. Police got one of these guys, yes, they killed him, but what else they could have done? offer a cup of coffee and donuts?

    Did police spent money optimal? I do not think so. Did they successful protect bostonians during the lockdown? yes, they did.

    just my 2 cents.

  2. I think, we have seen only a tip of the iceberg.
    Note that most of US media still pretends to not understand the motives behind that attack – Jihad.
    Couple of interesting articles on the subject:
    And look at that lady:

    How about the Saudi connection? Sounds very familiar…

    I can only hope and pray that americans will start waking up to reality
    of living in (mostly) cold war zone, and see the enemies – the union of radical islam with Russia & China.
    And having such pro-muslim administration and media… scary!

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