How to Create the Next Facebook for Ten Bucks

Just got an email that the eBook “How to Create the Next Facebook” is on sale: $10 instead of $20.99. This raises lots of questions in my mind about the readers of this manuscript. If a reader a cheap bastard who couldn’t afford to pay the full price, what are your chances that you will actually create the next Facebook?


If the author of this book knows how to do it, why he “crystallizes the process” and provides “a guided blueprint” for us instead of doing it himself? The chances are that he has a big crystalized idea, but no money to implement it. Where to get the money? If a thousand naive people will shell $10 a book copy, it’ll add up to $10K. After the publisher recovers expenses, the author will get less than $1K in royalties, which can cover a dinner with a venture capitalist, where the author could ask for some investments into the next Facebook.

Nay, this doesn’t sound like the author’s plan. Most likely he hopes that this catchy book title will make ten thousand of simple people to part with their $10 (what’s the hell, it’s a price of one pack of cigarettes). Then the author will get $10K in royalties that will put some bread on his table for a short period, unless he’s planning on downshifting and settling down somewhere in a bungalow in Thailand where $10K is enough to get by for a year. Not exactly a Facebook style of living, but hey, it’ll give the author time to write another manual with even better title – something similar to this one:

photo (1)

I’m sure people will be waiting in line to purchase this piece of advice. By the way, anyone knows a country where cost of living is lower than in Thailand?


5 thoughts on “How to Create the Next Facebook for Ten Bucks

  1. Oh c’mon, such a nice title, I thought that will be a longer reading 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinions

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