Nontraditional Android Phones

Google gets creative. Apparently some Android devices may have nontraditional sexual orientation. They started selling T-Shirts where two happy male or female Androids are holding each other’s hand while waving the rainbow flag.

The next logical step is to clearly mark the sexual orientation on the packaging of the devices. So the AT&T customers could clearly request, say a black gay Nexus 10 tablet. Or you can simply walk into a Verizon store and say, “Could you please give me two lesbians: Samsung Galaxy 4 and Boost Mobile Galaxy Rush. Make sure they come with the verision 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.”

For many people smartphones become the best if not only friends. Even more so, most of the people sleep with smartphones or tablets. Buying a smartphone becomes an important event in the life of many people. Like getting a puppy. Or adopting a child. Luckily, it’s possible to find out Android’s sexual orientation in advance, if Google agrees to clearly mark their devices. In the end of the day we’re entitled to know who are we going to bed with, aren’t we?


2 thoughts on “Nontraditional Android Phones

  1. So what would the Lot version, “get out of Sodom with you wife and children” phone look like. And how would it act? Would it have a pornography blocker, or just turn to salt?

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