Be all you can be. Facebook.

If there is one thing I hate about the Internet it’s the damaging effect that social networks like Facebook have on people’s minds.  Some of the younger minds are getting complete out of touch with the real world. They create their image to be seen online as super heros, bad boys, or even criminals. While in the real life, they could be  vulnerable teenagers or young adults  suffering from fear, anxieties, and lacking communication skills. But even 30-year old are losing their minds when get connected.

Yesterday I’ve heard the news on the radio, which is a good example of how far sick minded people can go on the Web. I’m talking about a virtual cannibal. He worked as a New York policeman till his wife found his online communication discussing preparing, cooking and eating his wife. She immediately packed her bags and ran away with their child.

Yesterday this virtual policeman cannibal was released from jail because he didn’t kill or eat anyone. IMO, the laws should be changed and such social-network-virtual-criminals should serve time in prisons for just presenting themselves as killers, robbers, rapers, et. al.

Mark Zuckerberg should buy out the US Army’s motto:

Be all you can be. Facebook.




4 thoughts on “Be all you can be. Facebook.

  1. Wow! That is so disgusting. And you are right- there should be laws to protect people from those who write such things. Did you hear about the 2 little girls who stabbed their friend because of some “gods” in a video/computer game? Its getting out of control.

  2. >such social-network-virtual-criminals should serve time in prisons for just presenting themselves
    As if 2.5 million prisoners costing 60 billion per year is not enough already.

    1. If we’ll legalize marijuana, we’ll get lots of free cells in prisons for virtual cannibals and the likes.

  3. I think, that when speaking about “social” (or sociopathic, with quotes removed) networks, we should consider menaces very seriously. While virtual superheroes or virtual machos may only make a good laugh, virtual cannibals, virtual terrorists, virtual fascists and alike should be treated by law as absolutely _real_ threat for society.

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