Recording of the Lesson “Intro to AngularJS”

Over the last years we’ve been teaching AngularJS for various audiences. Besides  traditional live instructor-led class for private clients, we (Farata Systems) teach 3-4 public trainings online each year. Typically we run these trainings on weekends allowing developers from around the world sharpen their skills without missing their daytime job.

To give you an idea how our online training classes work, I’ve published a 3-hour long video of the session introducing AngularJS that I ran for a group of Java developers in March of 2015. For privacy reasons I’ve replaced the names of the participants in the chat window with nicks. This was the second lesson in this training and I started it with a brief review of the homework given after covering JavaScript (ES5) in the first lesson.

In 2016 we’ll be offering a training class covering Web application development with Angular 2 and TypeScript. The enrollment to the class that starts on February 28th is open.


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