Homeless: New York vs. Toronto

It’s my second week of training in Toronto and I can’t get used to the look and the number of homeless people and beggars this city has. There are homeless in New York as well, but they are different. They’re kinda professionals homeless, while these look real. In New York, I give money only to the musicians who play on the streets and in subways, but here, I give money to homeless. I spoke to locals, and they say that homeless in Toronto also have shelters, but some of them live on the streets because people like myself would give them money.

It was raining this morning while I was heading to my class. I saw at least ten people sleeping or just sitting right in the middle of sidewalk on these grid opening which exhaust some warm air. A couple of 20-year olds was sleeping under the same blanket under the rain. How can you not give? Some people say it’s drug related. I do not know.

You can walk on the streets and all of a sudden a passer by asks if you have some spare change… Where are all these advantages of “a better social system ” which is an advertised by the Canadian media?

What I found really better in Toronto was the subway system. It has not more than a 100 stations, but they are nice looking and clean, and the trains are moving almost silently. It’s something similar to monorail trains that operate in New York airports.

Let me conclude this post on even more positive note. Noble residents of Toronto! Rest assured that the data on homeless will not sneak in into these glossy reports on best places to live, and your city will stay on the wish-list of many people around the world.

But I’d rather get going back to New York 🙂


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