JavaOne 2007: The most important two minutes

This news did not get the fanfare, but it “s a real gem of JavaOne 2007. It was presented by Danny Coward, Java SE Platform Lead, and you can watch the video in Danny “s blog .

He covers the features and talks about the success of Java SE 6, which is an old news already. To me, the most interesting part of his presentation was a statement about Java modularization in Java 7. If you do not have time to watch the entire video, just fast forward the first 19 minutes of it, listen for a minute, where he talks about revamping Java Applications module system or so called super jars.

Then go to the 29th minute of the talk, where Danny talks about the Java Kernel project, which will allow to modularize JRE, so the a minimal version of the JRE can be downloaded first, an the rest of the JRE will be downloaded in parallel. Finally, the startup of the application may become faster and the applications themselves may become smaller.

Java modularization will be rolled out with Java 6 Update 2 (end of ’07) and will be completed with Update 3. Chris Maki has provided some more information on Java SE and the relevant JSRs in his blog .

So these two minutes of the keynote are my highlights of the JavaOne 2007. I wonder why 15000 people attending this keynote did not give Danny a standing ovation ofter each of these announcements?

Unfortunately, I could not find yet another minute in any of the presentations that could have been voiced like this, “Now let me welcome our new hire, Michelangelo Buonarroti who will run a new division called User Experience. Mr. Buonarroti “s goal is to create a pixel-perfect set of new GUI components that will be used for the Java desktop applications of the future. We are giving him a cart blanche ndash; he “ll be studying all currently available eye-candy GUI components of our competitors and will have to come up with new set of components, layouts, skins and effects to make the applets appealing. There is one restriction though: in his research, Mr. Buinarroti is not allowed to look at the current Swing components rdquo;.


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